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Если у Вас намечается праздник или корпоративное мероприятие или Ваш ребёнок любит Майкла Джексона, тогда у Вас есть уникальная возможность пригласить единственного официально признанного двойника Майкла Джексона в России Павла Талалаева!
29th of October 2011, kicks off at the entertainment venue in the center of Moscow - HOT-DOGS (DONNY’S). Everyone’s invited and welcomed to participate at the International Charity Concert - «DONSTOCK II - Thrilling Sequel», in support of the young patients of the Children’s Department of Cancer-Research Center situated in Kashirka, “First Hospice for the Children with Cancer Diseases” and “Children’s Cancer: Doctors and Parents Together” organization.During the 6-hours music marathon, the auditory will have the chance to watch unique shows featuring popular musicians, dancers and media-stars, who have united in order to give the children’s hearts, hopes that there’s a place for kindness and care and prove that a child’s smile is the most priceless reward in favor of art.  In addition to the best tradition of western show industry and the wideness of the Russian soul - «DONSTOCK II - Thrilling Sequel», will unite various talented artists who represent different genre of modern music on one platform – ROCK, RAP, POP, R&B – “EXCLUSIVE LIVE” performances!  A special part of the charity show will be dedicated to the legendary artist and greatest humanitarian – Michael Jackson. Moscow’s Best DJ’s will fill the air with their best tribute sets, followed by various performances as tribute and gratitude for the precious legacy that he presented to humanity.  The concert will be under the patronage of: Rainbow of Hearts - Heal the World, Taganka Children’s Fund and also with the participation of - “First Hospice for the Children with Cancer Diseases” and “Children’s Cancer: Doctors and Parents Together” organization. All fund raising (including tickets sales, auction and donations during the event) will go as financial support to the Children’s Department of the Cancer-Research Center. Artists line up: Kayta, Da Duce, N'Pans, Yan, Sidoi 48, Sten, Boris Golik, Killa Voice, Papa Don, Cruel Mistress, Mail Order Bride, Lazarou, Red River Trails, The Order Of The Boot, Mr.Wonderful, Dr.Nick, Sergey Litvyakov, Geneva 8-96, DJ Dimarzio…and also – Pavel Talalaev (Russian official MJ impersonator) and other! Photo Album
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